'til Snowfly
custom shuttling

Our usual method
involves acting as your personal assistant when others contact us seeking shuttle service.

Why Bother: with one match, your cost will approach half while providing semi private, door to door service. Additional matches lead to greater savings, for all participants.

Restrictions Apply

Private Rates

single, couple,
or family of 4

Lower Mtn.  

VAST majority of Stowe Lodgings

Upper Mtn. $100

Restrictions Apply

Dining Service

4pm to Kitchen Closing Best scheduled no later than noon, daily.
Groups of Ten,
a Cinch

Event Management

Allow us herd your cats
Whether 10's or 100's. reunions or meetings,
Jessica's Vital Transit
is the means
to achieve grief relief.


Must be scheduled in advance (logistics rule); even if service is desired, immediately following check-in.

Taste of Vermont,
the Tours
Porter Air
Shuttle Rates

Expired for season:
Will resume when Porter winter schedule begins again.

Singles NEW $35
Couples $65

...collected/delivered, same flight/location.

Restrictions Apply

Information or Schedule Transportation

Welcome. This form may be utilized to obtain information, or, to reserve passage: both private and shuttle options. Be certain to select your preferences. Hover for further information.

Your sensitive information Secured by Comodo.

Typically, confirmation(s) will be sent well within 24 hours.
Less than 48 hour Notice: Call!

Referred By Shuttle


Regrettably, Food and Beverage Consumption is prohibited without prior arrangement.
Of course, excluding infants.

By Selecting "Agree & Book", I agree to
the Service and Cancellation Provisos

No Charges are ever applied until time of service.

Perfectly Predictable Restrictions

for the present:
- 72 hours notice required. Porter Air requires two weeks advance booking;
this is a ‘planned ahead’ special
- shuttles are customized to reservations: Being Stranded is not an option.
e.g., Guests must be willing to share, including the ability to await subsequent arrival(s). First Arrivals will -following being greeted- be apprised of subsequent arrivals ETA. We anticipate such waiting will not exceed one hour.
Private Service Rates
applies to single, couple or family of 4; $10 per additional.
Posted Shuttle Rates
are specific to
Lower Mountain Rate Schedule
(posted in left column).
Upper Mountain Shuttle Rates (posted here) carry a $75 minimum: single or couple- if insufficient lower mtn. shares develop (put otherwise -hopefully the majority of instances- the $35 & $60 rates will apply for our Upper Mtn Guests as well.


We need be contacted. Changing ones mind is insufficient notification.
With a minimum of
24 hours notice,
all is well...no harm no foul...’til we meet again!
12-24 hours notice
=half the agreed rate;
Less than 12 hours notiice
=the full agreed rate.
Why? It’s pretty simple: your seat(s), or the vehicle, you reserved, was insufficiently available to resell.

a Jessica's Vital Transit effort